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October 18


Inessa Litvin, Russian-born pianist, graduated from the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Conservatory, where she studied with world renowned pianist, pedagogue and author Professor Vitally Margulis. Before that she graduated Special Pre-Conservatory School for musically gifted children in St. Petersburg under the guidance of Professor Sophia Hentova. After graduating  the Leningrad Conservatory, she taught piano performance at […]

October 18


The studio is located in Encinitas, California at the home of Inessa Litvin. Two grand pianos provide possibilities for students to study solo repertoire as well as piano concertos.

October 18


Inessa Litvin’s Advanced Piano Studio has operated in San Diego for nearly thirty years. We are proud and fortunate to have taught classical piano music to young students, many of whom have gone on to perform at Copley Symphony Hall and Carnegie Hall, among others. Along with our students, we are grateful to the San […]

October 09