International Piano Competition (American Protege 2018, New York)
Sunny Xiao-1st Place (June 30 will perform in Carnegie Hall)

Bach Competition Winners:
Michael Chen, Jonathan Lee, Claire Lewis, 
Ally Negulescu, Hahnlin Noonan, Ethan Song, Aidan Wahlman, Sunny Xiao

Sonata Competition: 
                  Veronica Yu-1st Place
                   Ethan Song-1st Place
                   Kaitlyn Wang-1st Place
                   Adora Xiao-2nd Place
                   Sunny Xiao-2nd Place
                   Claire Lewis-2nd Place

Sound of Hope (International Music Festival)
            Claire Lewis-Grand Prize Winner
            Melinda Wang-1st Place Piano Division
            Michael Chen-1st Place Solo Piano Senior Division

Chopin Competition 
              Claire Lewis– 1st Place (Etudes Categories)

Concerto Competition 
               Adora Xiao-1st Place Division 1 (Twice performed with Symphony Orchestra)
               Sunny Xiao-1st Place Division II (Twice performed with Symphony Orchestra)

 Musical Scholarship Council
                Michael Chen– 2nd Place

Musical Merit Foundation
              Andrew Zhao-
As the winner of competition awarded all expense paid study this summer
              at most prestigious music festival in US (Aspen, Colorado) for 2 months.

Goodlin Competition 
                 Michael Chen-1st Place
                 Sunny Xiao-3rd Place
                 Jonathan Lee, Kaitlyn Wang, Aidan Wahlman-Honorable Mention
                 Jonathan Lee and Kaitlyn Wang were selected to participate in Master Class

Southern California Bach Competition:
                Winners: Claire Lewis, Jonathan Lee, Ally Negulescu, Ethan Song, 
                                 Sunny Xiao